Commercial Automation

We are the industry’s leading BMS providers.

Our experience and client communication demonstrate that we know how to tailor and deliver the right solutions.
Advanced Integration have a team of experts who supply custom-made solutions in engineering and software. We design and install building management control systems and energy managements systems to deliver an extensible ‘intelligent building’ by applying best in class, market leading products that utilise open protocol platforms.

When it comes to design, our team understand that the Building Management System’s design and its operating strategy are an integral part of the development phase. We are innovative in our approach thereby delivering cost effective and comprehensive solutions.

Whether it’s a new system or the adaptation of an existing system, we empower our clients with actionable insights into their energy usage enabling them to reduce energy costs wherever possible.

Our solutions work in “real-time”, are easy-to-use and easily accessible from a web browser or mobile device. They provide clear visibility into energy consumption, peaks and irregularities.

We offer complete peace of mind to our clients worldwide. We provide full service and maintenance cover, including a 24-hour call-out service, remote support and a technical helpline globally. All maintenance site visits are carried out during the client’s weekly, monthly or yearly service visits or according to what is required for that site to ensure good working order. We also provide an emergency call out service. In addition, we will repair or replace any faulty equipment either under the maintenance agreement or as it’s required.

Our end to end service and support is of the highest quality, allowing you to enhance the control, management, monitoring and access control systems throughout your building. The installation is designed for ease to provide you with the tools required to improve the comfort, functionality, safety, energy usage and performance of the buildings – all at your fingertips.

Building Management Systems is at the heart of our business. We have a proven track record, with a dedicated team of experts who are experienced in delivering projects of all sizes and types.