Advanced Integration is a lifestyle choice in automation systems
and we deliver a vision of lifestyle perfection.
This didn’t happen overnight.



Our journey began over 30 years ago, on a Greek island in Rhodes. This was a small family run business with an even smaller workshop.
Back in the 70’s and 80’s, we revolutionised the concept of modern home automation. We programmed a command module to an appliance module that allowed devices to be controlled from a central point. We made best use of the technology at that time to programme the signals between electronic devices to provide leading edge solutions for our clients – this originality, combined with our abundant energy drove our passion to continue advancement in delivering impressive solutions across the globe. These qualities are ingrained within us to this day.


We were developing, growing, advancing technologies and bringing about a wave of cutting edge home automation systems. We swiftly recognised that as a company, we were able to instil trust and expand our outreach through our approach, our innovation and consistent high quality performance. This became the cornerstone on which our philosophy at Advanced Integration was founded and still stands today.

We gradually grew and advanced by taking small service jobs. We continued to lead with a reputable approach, successfully delivering high quality and aesthetically pleasing Audio and Video entertainment solutions for Home Cinemas, Hi-Tech living rooms, TV studios and conference rooms.
The demand for our service became ever increasing. We outgrew our small workshop and we made the move to one Athens’ best known commercial areas.



We then evolved by taking advantage of leading edge technology and the benefits of integrated systems for our high end residential and commercial clients by applying automation methods before automation became mainstream.

As the automation industry grew, so did Advanced Integration. We quickly developed into a full-serviced company. We moved once again to keep up with our growth, whereby we invested heavily in refurbishing the premises and rolling out ours full automation systems. We have become one of the leading specialists in Home Automation and Building Management Systems worldwide, setting the standards for European and International markets. We continue to grow and expand our global presence in Athens, London, Middle East and New York city.



We pride ourselves on our strong focus on quality, simplicity, attention to detail and high end aesthetic design throughout all of our projects.
Advanced Integration is the perfect partner with access to the most deluxe manufacturers in the industry to deliver the ultimate automation experience to consumers. All audio, video, security, lighting, temperature and shade operations, to name but a few, integrate into one or more devices giving you full control of all room functions either onsite or remotely.

We have earned a renowned reputation for delivering high quality tailored solutions which together with our long standing experienced team, and our outstanding support and customer service, have enabled us to deliver a multitude of complete solutions to many very satisfied clients around the globe.

We would love to hear from you if you have a project!