Our Team

AI’s strength lies in its team. Our professionals work as one integrated team across all our offices. We have invested in a team of highly talented and experienced individuals with a dedication to excellence that continues to grow and expand its skill set by the day.


Marios Tsiftis

Innovative, enthusiastic, DETAIL-ORIENTATED, A SKILLED PROBLEM-SOLVER with uncompromising work ethics

Mario is a passionate Acoustic Engineer and has been so from a young boy. He has grown up having
worked closely with his father to push innovation to its highest levels.
Mario has over 25 years’ experience and is a certified integrator with Crestron, Lutron, Vantage and RTI. Mario has worked with clients, leading manufacturers, project managers and implementation teams worldwide to deliver a range of high end and complex solutions to the Home, Commercial, Yacht and Hotel sectors.
Communication across all disciplines is a skill that Mario has refined over the years to deliver beyond expectations as well as thinking both creatively and logically to resolve design and development problems.
Whilst Mario is technically minded and travels the globe delivering interesting and challenging projects, in his free time he is a devoted basketball player. He is also a film and television series fanatic and this makes Mario a prime candidate for demanding the best when it comes to video and audio solutions.

Executive Chairman 

George Papayannopoulos

A confident professional, with HIGH ENERGY and an INFECTIOUS ENTHUSIASM FOR GROWTH

George Papayannopoulos is a shareholder and our executive chairman. He leads the company in its relationships with financial institutions and potential investors and he plays a vital role in domestic and international growth plans.
George holds a Business Administration degree and has an accreditation from the Chartered Insurance Institute of London. He has held progressively more responsible positions throughout his long career, becoming Managing Director of Domestic and Foreign insurance carriers and leading edge service providers.
Establishing and managing market leading companies and being a valuable shareholder in major insurance brokers, today he supervises a sales force of more than 2,000 intermediaries and secures business to more than 300,000 clients worldwide.
He joined Advanced Integration in 2015, bringing almost three decades of executive management experience to his role.
Whilst George is busy focusing on perpetually improving customer service, innovation and operational efficiency he has a wonderful sense of humour and he enjoys travelling, athletics and culinary delights. His passion for television and movies combined with his desire to experience this in ultra-high quality makes George one of our most cherished and demanding customers of high-end audio and video products and services.

Chief Operating Officer

Maria Tsiftis

Highly organised, COMMITTED, resourceful, confident and an excellent communicator with a CLEAR VISION

Maria has a degree in Business Administration and over 20 years’ experience in the automation sector. Her focus is to implement business strategies, plans and procedures in order to set goals for performance and growth, all of which she does with great passion and vision.
Maria oversees the day to day corporate operations including HR, IT, Marketing, Sales and Finance and plays a key role in the company’s well-earned reputation and growth.
Maria enjoys travelling to new places and experiencing cultural diversity and keeping active and fit through rigorous training. Maria loves the summer, the beach and she takes great pleasure in relaxing whilst watching films after a long day of planning and strategising but Maria’s moto is to always live strong and laugh hard!

Executive Director

Makis Tsiftis

Natural ability to build rapport through listening and a deep understanding of client’s needs - DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE

Whilst Maki has a Finance Degree his passion lies in the innovation of automation and video. His appetite and enthusiasm have developed from a very young age and Maki now has a wealth of product knowledge and experience. He has developed his expertise in this field through managing the Sales Division within Advanced Integration which he does with genuine passion, attention to detail and expert product knowledge, all of which characterise Maki and provide the company with a competitive advantage.
Maki enjoys entertaining and relaxing with friends in a home automation environment that meets his lifestyle needs. When he isn’t socialising he throws himself into his home cinema and enjoys being absorbed by the viewing experience. He is also an ardent beach enthusiast.

Business Development Executive

Liana Papadopoulou

High performing individual who UNDERSTANDS PEOPLE TODAY, ATTENTIVE and is able to set and manage expectations

Liana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Surveying Engineering and Geoinformatics, having interned at a Real Estate Office. She also attended two years courses as well in Architectural Design and Free Drawing. Liana has an extended work history in both Sales and Customer Service along her studies, where she developed and enhanced her communication and organising skills, keys to success for delivering the international growth strategy, promoting the company’s outstanding products and services and ensuring extremely satisfied customers. What stands out about her though, is Liana’s can-do and passionate personality, all contributing to create long-term relationships with clients, existing and new ones. In her spare time, Liana has a keen interest in arts and puzzle solving, and relaxes with creative cooking and travelling.

Project Manager

Konstantinos Magkos

Communicates effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds, works to collaboratively resolve problems, MOTIVATES TEAM MEMBERS and ACHIEVES PROJECT OBJECTIVES

Constantine’s skilled project management is vital to the success of all the projects and he is responsible for ensuring Advanced Integration has ongoing happy and satisfied clients.
His solid technical background, coupled with his hands-on experience in the automation sector, allows him to efficiently co-ordinate internal resources and suppliers for the flawless execution of the most complex projects. He involves relevant stakeholders, ensuring that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.
Whilst Constantine manages the relationships with clients through a project lifespan, he also enjoys team sports, vigorous exercise, philosophical discussions and quality family time.

Senior Programmer  

Eleni Grigori

HIGHLY MOTIVATED, GOAL-ORIENTATED professional, a decision-maker skilled in implementing new ideas

Eleni has a Computer Science degree. She is a certified programmer and installer and she has been working as an Automation Engineer since 2013. Her experience spans across commercial, residential, industrial, transport buildings, yachts and Olympic venues.
Through her expertise, Eleni is able to independently identify and tackle technical and engineering issues as they arise. She also collaborates with peers and works with multiple disciplines to achieve the most robust solutions. She is passionate about innovating and experimenting with test methodologies to establish the most efficient processes. She is extremely experienced in driving test development, writing quality code and she excels in delivering the highest standards at all times.
Whilst Eleni is busily programming during the day she can’t help herself in her spare time from messing around with computers and software to see what wonderful innovations she can achieve! She also enjoys travelling and reading books.

Engineering Manager

Artur Muiznieks

Effective leadership, EFFICIENT HANDS ON operations and maintenance, STRIVES FOR ULTIMATE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

Artur is an incredibly talented Automation Engineer Manager. He has deep technical expertise allowing him to take Automation frameworks to the next level.
Artur ensures that all the systems he installs are reassuringly reliable, delivering the highest performance and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Whilst Artur is busily evaluating current automation practices and techniques to ensure best of breed products and services, he appreciates reading a good book, cooking and experimenting with different recipes whilst listening to music.

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