Audio & Video

Audio & Video

You want your guests’ hotel experience to be a memorable one. The experience of an intelligent technology environment that reflects your guests’ preferences, temperament, and lifestyle can achieve the desired effect. Our AV services and solutions are a recipe for success.

Our control solutions put your staff in command of the Audio/Video systems helping set the right mood in the reception and lobby, the spa, gym and pool, the rooftop and terrace or the bar and restaurant.

We deliver flexible Digital Signage solutions that help strengthen your communication and marketing strategy. Provide your guests live news updates, alerts and travel information. Reinforce you brand image by creating visually engaging messages and promoting services, amenities, and activities in a highly-targeted way in public areas.

By utilizing our advanced IPTV and VOD solutions you offer guests an enhanced in-room TV experience. Improve your guests’ entertainment options and increase your revenue by offering video on-demand services on their preferred device and to multiple guestrooms. Customize in-room guest services and integrate with your hotel’s PMS to give your guests the option to make reservations, book tickets, or check out.

With our Audio & Video solutions, entertainment is always within reach. A simple touch of a handheld controller, touchpanel or keypad activates audio and video in the room. Audiophile guests can enjoy listening to their favourite streaming music from around the world.

While we never compromise on quality offering superb audio, video and multimedia, we also invest in high aesthetics. We offer an extensive selection of state-of-the art speakers and lifts and mounts that can blend discreetly with the hotel interior.