Dedicated Home Cinema

Dedicated Home Cinema

An inspired and impressive experience taking Home Cinema to a new level!

We are Gurus when it comes to Home Cinema. We design and deliver custom high end Home Cinema solutions with fantastic quality sound and vision that surpasses all expectations. We can also upgrade current Home Cinema systems to the latest technologies and trends which are continuously changing and evolving.

Our expertise includes providing acoustical design and system tuning which delivers an all-round immersive sound which is intense, powerful, smooth and without distortion and provides for a complete 3D sound experience for the listener.

Designed for you and your loved ones

The Home Cinema features are configured around your space, the environment and budget requirements. Amplified surround speaker systems are often installed at different heights within the walls along with complementary ceiling mounted speakers and subwoofers which also play an important part in the optimal 3D immersive audio experience.

The user interface is intuitive and integrated within the home automation system for central control of the main features which includes the lighting, air conditioning and power for all the components.

We raise the boundaries in the Home Cinema space and we can work with you or make recommendations for the best quality screens, laser projectors and standard or custom fit hush boxes.

Experience the pleasure

If you have a high-performance Home Cinema requirement, we can architect and craft your solution complete with documentation and full testing, to your exact needs. Our expertise scrutinises every detail from the basic physics of the space, the insulation from extraneous noise and vibration, to ensuring how fresh the air will feel even after the audience have finished watching the movie.

We fine tune the whole experience and if you are seeking to be transported and immersed - we deliver the magic!


Dedicated Home Cinema for an epic cinematic experience

  • Total visual and audio immersion
  • The highest end systems for any audiophile
  • Clear stereophonic sound with crisp dialogue in the centre
  • A bass experience that you can feel and savour
  • Latest sound design acoustic engineering
  • Streaming music
  • The latest games in the highest resolution
  • Reliable performance
  • Professional design and consultation
  • Neat and aesthetically pleasing installation
  • Easy set up for your exacting requirements
  • Expand to as many rooms as you want
  • Everything you need for your home experience: projectors, screens, surround sound, theatre seats, lighting, universal remotes and much more, all automated in line with your specific requirements