Touch for instant ambience. At Advanced Integration, we can customise your lighting to complement the room, your home, your workspace, your mood or the occasion.

Simple and easy to use lighting control systems bring everything to life at the touch of a screen.

Scenes can be set and programmed, such as a “wake up” to gentle light which brightens or “good night” for low level light or instant darkness.

Stylish lighting options are available to complement the character of your space and they come in a variety of selections, from contemporary, traditional, “antique”, slim, modern and in all cases are aesthetically pleasing.

Intelligent lighting has a multitude of benefits. Scheduled lighting can be kinder to the environment and can be integrated with your intruder alarm to flash for instance when an intruder enters. Your lighting control system records your movements when you are there and can play it back for you when you are not at your property.

Save energy.
Guaranteed to be kinder to the environment.