Security & Safety

Security & Safety

Security taken seriously – simplified yet thorough.

Advanced Integration partner with renowned global alarm manufacturers.

Our integration allows for full monitoring of intruder alarms, the use of CCTVs and due to automation programming, this can occur at particular touchpoints.

Warning lights and sound can come on when movement is detected should an intruder attempt entry. Intelligent motion sensors which detect you and cause lights and music to occur, versus intruders which triggers an alarm. Instant alerts can be sent wherever you are in the world. Viewing can be achieved on high definition CCTV cameras, on touch panels, or televisions both on site or remotely. The integrated security systems with automated programming can be set up to warn you of fire alarms, water sensors or pumps being activated as they occur.

Entertainment and relaxation for you and audible alarm and sirens played through speakers for the unwanted trespasser.

Blinds with gentle shading and privacy to meet your mood as opposed to all blinds raised to expose the burglar.

Integrate your existing systems such as your motion sensors with your personalised security system tailored to you for added peace of mind.

A.I.’s Biometric Access Control solutions and IP door phone systems, let clients know who is present and who is not in the house. Depending on who is entering the house, it is possible to do much more with one fingerprint than simply opening the door; users can implement time-dependent authorizations. Loosing or having keys stolen becomes a thing of the past

High level security to make your sanctuary safe

Video Intercom

Screen your visitors or check in on your precious sleeping baby, or call everyone to the dining room for dinner? It’s simple, easy and very convenient.

Unlock your front gate with just one click or substitute your doorbell with a stylish entry video intercom station to see who is at the door without leaving the comfort of your home.

Feel safe.
Systems which are secure, you can leave your fears behind

Your Outdoor Area

Extending comfort and convenience into your outdoor areas.

All your outdoor CCTV can be viewed, lighting switched on or off, outdoor heating, pool and spa temperatures easily set or adjusted. Automate your beautiful garden wherever in the world you may be, and set your water sprinklers and lawn systems to respond and react to the weather.